The Alaghi are a humanoid race, broad and usually well-muscled. They have a short snout and sharp teeth, giving them a feral look. They have a head-to-toe fur coat and most adhere to a custom of wearing beads and braids in sections of their coat.

Often denegrated as primitive, savage, and stupid, the Alaghi are a spiritually gifted race, having a higher incidence of spontaneous divine casters than any other. After interactions with the expansionist empire, the Alaghi formed a loosely allied ‘nation’ in order to defend their wildland territories, and were quite successful in doing so. It is reported that some alaghi tribes have communication or trade with the elves of Vinxland. They certainly interact well with humans, and can even interbreed.

The family unit in Alaghi culture is a matriarchal group consisting of an elder female and her daughters and granddaughters. Allied with them are any males that have earned themselves a season with the group or a member of the group. Male Alaghi leave this unit after 6-8 years of age and join a bachelor group, which is composed with no attention to relatedness. Male Alaghi bring offerings of their prowess, skill, or worth to the female group. If they are considered worthy, they are allowed to stay with and mate with some or all the females in the group for a season. Males have no hand in child-rearing.

The known Alaghi homeland is along the Western coast, north of the farthest extent of the Ilban Empire at its height. The Alaghi and half-Alaghi make up a large proportion of the population in the city of Raneth, and many more live in the surrounding wilderness.

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