Moontree goblins are sentient, clever, bipedal, tool-using carnivores. As members of Infernogobulae, they have the large ears, extra limbs (in the form of a second set of arms with opposable thumbs, and reproductive patterns typical of the family.

The goblins arose as a race in rocky, arid deserts, where they live in small family groups and subsist on occasional large herbivore kills and forage of insects and small burrowing animals.

The goblins are almost universally reviled by other sentient races of the Moontree lands. They are certainly animalistic and primitive in some ways, look rather fearsome with their wide mouths and multiple rows of teeth. The cultural practice of eating defeated foes also does little to help their racial image. However, they are also adaptable and quick to adopt new technologies from other races. They have picked up mining, stonemasonry, metalworking and other crafts, and on a cultural level, some groups have taken on feudal organization, brought to a particular height in the Kingdom of Djring, known more frequently as Djring Keep to non-goblins.

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