The infernogobulae are a fire-based goblin family of animals. The class is defined by the following characteristics:

  • having an elemental-magic system of providing body heat
  • hairless with skin that has a high silicon content, which produces a dietary requirement for silicon intake
  • tend toward large ears — the organs comprising the heating system pull magical energy from the environment using the ears as collector panels.
  • they are six-limbed
  • generally tail-less
  • reproduce sexually, but instead of nursing, the mother gives birth to 4 nutrient-rich gobsacks for each infant, which are consumed in particular order by the developing infant during the first days/weeks of the infant’s life, by the end of which time the young is a miniature version of the adult and generally fends for itself.

Species in the family:
Goblins: a humanoid race
Boiling Toad: an amphibious small carnivore

Goblin Bear-Hog: a large somewhat bear-like omnivore


Moontree tegemea tegemea