Kreandra is an old city, built and rebuilt time and again over the centuries. It was the seat of the Ilban emperor, but was a large city before the rise of the empire, and continues to be a center for shipping and trade, as well as commanding the fealty of all lands along the inner coast of the Ilban penninsula.

The southern Indirac mountains still have healthy veins of silver and other ores that flow through Kreandra, and the inner coast has excellent land for farming and, in the foothills, grazing. While not a Kreandran protectorate (yet), the Jhenfar lands are nearby and they prefer Kreandra as a place to sell glasswood.

Since the fall of the empire, Kreandra has been ruled by a King advised by a small council elected from their respective peers. Currently, King Doatel Franneth is advised by Duke Immenuel Narthean representing the Lords, Mater Jolia Peace representing the Clergy, Master Fenris Grenkle representing the Guild Lobby, Deacon Trill the Lord Marshall, and Leosinia the Silver Ghost representing the Order of Magi.

An aquiduct system brings water from the mountains to the city, and washes through the sewer and gutter systems on and under the streets. Melkorka’s Cleft, a mighty canyon, abuts the city to the north, and the Skybridge arches across it.

Kreandran opinion that they are, or certainly ought to be, the dominant power on the Southern coast is violently opposed by the Kingdom of Surthain, with whom there has been a long history of feuds, battles, and hatred.


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