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In the Time of Chaos, a group of immortals planted the World Tree, and the branches and roots of the tree spread into the swirling void and organized the elements, encasing the dangerous Fire in the great globe of Earth and Water that form the continents and oceans of the world, and surrounding all by air, leaving the forces of magic flowing through it all. The life force of the tree began to manifest lesser life forms on the world it had gathered, and thus the First Age began.

During the First Age the sentient races were born from fruit of the World Tree, and began to spread from the base of the tree throughout the world. There was little cause for enmity or struggle between the races, as the world was new and contained a seemingly endless supply of new land for the tree’s children to occupy.

The Second Age was marked by the discovery of Electrum, a compound stronger than anything else found in nature and full of raw energy. The races began to found ways to weave magic using the energy stored in the Electrum, and wherever it was found, conflict followed. The first wars began, but the development of arcane magic was also at hand. Magic users with access to Electrum reached incredible heights of power, and began to probe the very fabric of existence. New races were created, control over the dead was found possible, and monsters were born. The sentient races, fruit of the tree, were tearing the world apart in their wars, with their creations, and with their struggles for power. The World tree, in a bid for a balancing force, dropped new fruit, which grew into dragons. Born as powerful guardians of the elements and the world itself, the dragons sought to reign in the races of the First Age. A company of wizards and dragons together formed a plan they thought would right the world: they would sever and separate the element of Electrum into Electricity and Metal, and without Electrum as a power source, the world could return to balance.

Their plan worked, but had an unforeseen effect. While the company had correctly realized they could separate Electrum, they were ignorant of the sister element of Living Wood, which made up the World Tree and had magic and power all its own. When Electrum was cleaved, Living Wood similarly split into Spirit and Wood, and the World Tree was forever lost. The creating spirit of the tree was ejected from the world, and coalesced in the void, orbiting the world as a glowing orb of Spirit, still containing the essence of all life on the world and still maintaining the powers that held the world together, while the Wood of the World Tree remained on the world’s surface, a dead, empty shell.

This brought on the Time of Storms. The world was shaken to its foundations by the new rift in its elemental nature, and the races, with no Electrum to power their magic, cowered in the face of the endless, apocalyptic raging of the world around them. The face of the world changed greatly during the Time of Storms, and when the chaos began to stabilize, the races emerged into the Third Age, when they began to call the world Moontree.

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